Now I am not saying this to boast or blow my own trumpet….. although why not, that’s the secret to a good interview, right?  I have been successful in every interview that I have ever had (whether I wanted the job or not which is a story for another day), apart from one job where they said that I interviewed at the level above and encouraged me to apply for that position instead! To give you an idea of the number of interviews that I have had, I have had 5 promotions in the last 7 years. Now although the last 5 interviews were internal, they were not a walk in the park; some involved being interviewed by the CEO and others involved external assessment centres. I am also a regular interviewer and lead recruitment on behalf of a National organisation. I therefore know a thing or two about interviews that I want to share with you.

You see, I have a real passion for helping people perform in interviews as I know that it’s an area of real struggle for people. I frequently hear people tell me they go to pieces in an interview and I see the most capable candidates buckle under the pressure. 

This is why, I have created my BREAKTHROUGH INTERVIEW COACHING session and at a steal of a price to boot. Check out this link to hear more.  Alongside the 90 minute breakthrough coaching session you will get an interview guide to keep, that will walk and talk you through your interview. This will put you in a great position to land that amazing job that you know is for you.

Now I get it, most people don’t like interviews. Most people talk themselves out of the job before they reach the interview. What is incredible is just as someone can talk themselves out of the job, they could equally visualise and talk themselves into believing and knowing that that job is theirs. I will help you develop the confidence in yourself, belief that you can do it well and so that the interviewer has full confidence in you.

It may be that you have just forgotten the skills of a good interviewee, not had enough experience or had an experience that has knocked your confidence. In a coaching session, we would explore any limitations and experiences that are holding you back and break through these together.

Here is a glimpse of the some of the basic tips to getting your dream job.

  • Dress to impress – dress as you would need to on a key day in the role, e.g. if it’s a board room or court room how would you dress? and if it’s a cutting-edge marketing company, show them your personality through your clothes. Avoid distracting clothes.
  • Rehearse rehearse rehearse! Whether it’s a pitch, presentation or questions that you anticipate, practice saying them out loud. Write them down so you can articulate them well and get it out of your head to create space.
  • Calm your nerves.  Practice grounding breathing techniques before and during the interview. My guide talks through these practices.
  • Think yourself into the role. This is fundamental for any job and I will share ways in which to do this.
  • SMILE – it’s so easy to forget to be warm and human when you are nervous. Remember they are working out whether you are the right fit. It’s not all just what’s on paper!

My absolute breakthrough strategy and key to my personal success is the unique way that I think myself into the role and beyond before I have even got the job. I am so at ease with the role or position that I believe that I have it already and act that way with confidence. I will work with your unconscious to create this to as your unconscious doesn’t know the difference between what is real or not so it believes it too – you have the job you want!!

If you need confidence to apply for the job of your dreams or breakthrough into a new role then get in touch with me now. This 90 minute BREAKTHROUGH INTERVIEW COACHING is what you need to manifest the job you deserve into your life. You will get the free INTERVIEW GUIDE too. Get in touch now.

 I can’t wait to create a world where people love the job they have.

 With great respect and gratitude

Tammy Lawrence