Did you know that? I had absolutely no idea that anxiety was so common. So many people become anxious so often for a variety of reasons. I didn’t think it was something that affected me until I really became familiar with the sensations in the body when anxiety runs through my mind. Having the tricks to rid it is an incredible gift.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is an emotion of the future. It is impossible to get anxious about something that has already happened. Now hear that again, it is impossible to get anxious about something that has already happened. If you do get strong feelings triggered by something that has already happened that is trauma.

In effect, what’s happening in your mind is that you are projecting out into the future, you are creating a story or a movie of something going wrong.

So how is anxiety created?

When you have an event in future that you are creating anxiety about, you go forward to this event in your mind. You see it like a movie, see it all going wrong, hear it all going wrong, you feel this in your body; sweaty palms, tense shoulders, sickness in stomach, tightness in throat, inability to be able to breathe and also cognitive processes begin to shut down. Sound familiar?  Voila the anxiety is created.

How can I overcome anxiety?
There is a really cool technique that you can use and I have helped lots of people with this simple procedure.

A friend recently called me from the airport about to board a flight to Las Vegas. She just asked me to “say something calming”. She suffers from anxiety around flying. This wasn’t enough to prevent her from travelling but enough for her to affect her experience. I knew exactly what to say. I talked her through the technique below and she had the best flight she had ever had. She would usually sit in silence, refuse to eat and would feel sick throughout the whole flight. She reported really enjoying this flight, she ate several meals, enjoyed some films and felt really relaxed including landing and take-off! She now has this technique should she ever need it again.

So, simply think about what you will you be doing 15 mins after the successful completion of the event.  Ask yourself, what will you see, hear and feel and get really specific with it. My friend told me that she would be arriving at the hotel, she described what she thought it would like, who would be there, how it would smell, how she would feel, what she would hear, what she would see etc.

How does NLP work to overcome anxiety?

The reason NLP works is because it works with the unconscious mind. What is amazingly cool is that the unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined, hence you get all the physical feelings associated with anxiety just by thinking about something you are worried about even though it hasn’t happened. So, we reverse it and think through the positive event 15 minutes after the worrying event and the mind will focus on that.

Anxiety will disappear as anxiety can not dwell in the positive, it only thrives in a negative feeling or event. That’s pretty cool, right?

If you suffer with anxiety about a specific thing or generally then consider a coaching session to learn some techniques including another technique called anchoring too. We may also find the underlying reason for the anxiety and remove its root cause.

With great respect and gratitude